Prices vary depending on the total amount of songs you would like to record/mix/master and the length and complexity of the music. Discounts are offered for larger projects. Contact Us and we'll get you a custom quote.

1. Guitar/Bass - Replace old strings and bring extra strings in case of breakage during recording.

2. Tube amplifiers (where applicable) - Make sure your tube amp is working properly. Fresh tubes is desirable.

3. Drums - New drums heads are recommended. (at a minimum the Toms and Snare). Replacing broken cymbals is recommended. Make sure all hardware is working properly.

4. - Pre-production. Some sort of basic pre productions is recommended. Documenting the song tempos (BPM) ahead of the recording session will improve the entire process and make sure that you are well practiced to the song. Even doing a basic phone recording of your songs can help you improve the structure and make adjustments before your session. Listen back and tweak.

At Cerebral Audio we have an acoustically treated live room and the ability to record drum kits of any size (example), however some artists prefer to use MIDI programmed drums that better fit their style and/or budget. We have a large library of professionally recorded drum/cymbal samples to choose from. Slate Drums, Superior Drummer, GetGood Drums, DrumForge.

With proper preparation (some sort of pre-production such as getting song tempos figured out) a typical hardcore band could potentially fully record 2 songs in 1 studio session. 8-10 hours. For more complex styles of music that may drop down to 1 song per session. In the case of recording a full album it may take mutiple sessions spread out over the course of weeks to finish. All depending on the bands time schedules.

While gear isn't the only focus of a great recording we do have high quality microphones and amps/cabinets to choose from in the studio.

*RME Fireface UFX
*Audient 8 Channel ADAT
*ADAM F7 Monitors
*10" Subwoofer
*Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra II
*Mesa Oversized 4x12" Cabinet
*Darkglass B7K
*Protone OD Pedals
*5 X SM57
*Audix i5
*Beta 91a
*4 X Audix D6
*2X Audix ADX-51
*2 X Ribbons

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